Fried Rice + Chicken Chop , Lemon Asam @ Restaurants Yut Sun

Here in Taiping. Historical city and many chinese malaysian live in here. There is a big lake and park in here. So people excise after work and dancing. Like a Medan or Hong Kong. This town is near Ipoh or Penang. So you can see.

I found restaurant looks delicious at central town.

I ordered Fried rice.

Fried Rice + Chicken Chop 9RM

Kind of unique. I have never heard the name of [fried rice and chicken chop]. And I have never seen chicken on the fried rice. And tje taste of sauce also special taste. But fit for chicken. I like this. Delicious. I recommend!!

Lemon Asam 1.8RM

While I was eating, many local ppl came and eat and chatting. Relaxing place?

Restaurants Yut Sun
78, Jalan Pasar, 34000 Taiping, Negeri Perak
Phone: 011-3618 3266

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