Cream Cheese Horseradish Soy sauce (クリームチーズ山わさび 醤油)、Horseradish Natto (山わさび納豆)、Miso Soup (味噌汁) @ Meidai Nigirimeshi にぎりめし

I came here Sapporo for the first time. Sapporo is prefectural capital of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the most popular destination in the world. But I have never been? Finally I reached. Speaking of Sapporo, It has face of night town. It is called Susukino. Today’s recommend food is Nigirimeshi. Do you know Japanese Onigiri?? This restaurant is opened 24 hours. Place is center of Susukino night town area. So worker who was drunkng a lot, lady who finished working at night bar, Student and tourist….everyone are welcome.



Menu. ( in Japanese ) Maybe they have English menu?

Cream Cheese Horseradish Soy sauce (クリームチーズ山わさび 醤油) ¥280


Ohhhh, So delicious. I think one of the most delicious Onigiri in the world?


This restaurant can take away menu.


Horseradish Natto (山わさび納豆) ¥280

Ohhhhhhh. Natto No.1!!!!!? Natto is famous Japanese cuisine. Sticky smelly beam. Although Indonesia has similar food Tempe, some of people does not like it due to smell. Both food is similar. But I’m Japanese. I love Natto.


Miso Soup (味噌汁) ¥250



With friends, with another stranger who finished hard working, talking each other while eating Onigiri….


This is Sapporo’s another face…..?


Meidai Nigirimeshi
4 Chome Minami 6 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0806, Japan
Phone: +81 11-512-1616

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