Crispy duck noodles, Chili pan mee、小豆(Azuki Been) @ Cili8

This Pan mee restaurant is in Petaling jaya.
Not destination place for tourist. For local town.
I went this restaurant before. I felt delicous.
Restaurant is also clean and hospitality.
Since I have some noodle that I have been intersting in here, I tried to come again.

Crispy duck noodles
Quite good. Especialy duck that mixed deep taste soup. Soup is looks like Lur mee. At first, some of dry noodle is flooting on surface. So Need to mix before eating.

Chili pan mee

I ate this azuki bean soup in new year 1 Jan. In japanese custom, People eat azuki been soup with mochi. Mochi is made from Rice. Azuki been soup in this restaurant is similar with Japanese taste. But I don’t know wehther this restaurant cook Azuki or bought it from super market.
Volcano Pan Mee (Curry)
Signature Lor Pan Mee 11.9RM
Signature Pan Mee(soup) traditional handmade 10.9RM

Chow Fan (Fried Rice) 9.9RM

Authentic Meet Siam 8.9RM
Smoke Duck In The Jungle 14.9RM

Roasted Chicken Rice 8.9RM

Minced Chicken Rice Bowl 8.9RM

Spicy Four Angled Beans 9.9RM
I recommend this restautant. Clean and good taste, Furthermore, not so expensive food.

There are so many customers who works near here in weekdays.
You can try.?
Unit PG-A, Ground Floor, Plaza 33, No.1,Jalan Kemajuan,, Section 13, PJ, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016-228 8318

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