Grilled fish @ Kedai Kopi Sakura

I ordered grilled fish.

Just simple without rice. This place is not so clean place. Some street children there. Massager working outside without roof.
I asked massager how much? Massager anti said 30RM. I like talking with naive ppl like them. But 30RM can not lead me to massage. Even price in massage store that has roof is 40RM. [ Ah, 30RM.Hmmm. Like that price I go other… ]

Grilled fish (5RM)

It was so delicous, Because I have never eaten fish since Fukushima Nuclear disaster. 7 years has past already. Although I lived in west of Japan, Luckly. Since 311 disaster, Japanese TV and goverment kept announsing lie. Yeah, I just remembered silly thing. Thank you for good taste fish. I devoured fish




Kedai Kopi Sakura
Kampung Air, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah




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