Roasted Pork Wantan mee, Bread, Egg Talt @ Restoran Good Taste 金記好好食雲吞面家

Franchise noodle restaurant. I have found this franchise at SS2 and other before. As per menu, Restaurant has started Porridge menu. I ordered porridge though, Staff said finished. Seems not to serve porridge at lunch time?(ノω<;)

I usually go to economy rice next to this restaurant. so I try here today.

At first, Roasted Pork Wantan mee (Big : 9.9RM)
Kari Kari feeling of Roast is good.

But It may be average taste.

Wantan soup is good taste. Normal. As same as other?

Duck Leg Noodle Soup 12.9RM

I feel this Duck Noodle is somehow differ from other restaurant Noodle. In my opinion, should be more clear tastes ?



Roasted Pork Wantan (Big) 9.4RM



Pan mee dry (Big) 9.5RM. So so?



Salted Egg and Pork Porridge 8.9rm



Pork Porridge 8.4RM



Fish paste porridge 8.4rm


Char Siew + Chicken Rice 9.9RM



Rosted Pork and Chicken Rice   9.9RM




Char Siew & Duck Rice 9.4RM


Dry Curry Pork Rice 8.4RM



Myu Stew Pork Belly With Fungus    10.3RM


Sweet $ Sour Pork Mix King Ribs Sauce    10.3 RM
Hmmm. This is low quality


Mongolian Sauce Meat Rice 12.9RM

HK style Lanchon Meat Rice 12.9RM

Bread (3.2RM)

I like it. Good taste.

Egg Talt (2.4RM) This is normal.






Common taste I think. But Store is clean.


Restoran Good Taste 金記好好食雲吞面家
16A, Jalan 14/20, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel :

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