Perverted Cyborg @ Dream Mansion 夢の世界

[Okaerinasaimase!] I didn’t expect that I heard that word and staff told me like that. Yes. There is Otaku Cafe in Penang. When I was living in Japan, I have been to Maid Cafe twice. Staff at Maid Cafe will welcome and tell to customer. [Okaerinasaimase!] To tell the truth, this word is not correct. Normally staff should say to customer [ Irassaimase! ]. [Okaerinasaimase!] Is for family. When one of family back to home, person who waiting for family use [Okaerinasai]. Forthermore, this word is
[Okaerinasaimase!] Is more polite word than [Okaerinasai].So [Okaerinasaimase!] is downplay him/herself to owner.
Maid Cafe at Japan use [Okaerinasaimase!]?

We are going to in dream….?

When I enter cafe, staff who wearing japanese high school uniform told me [Okaerinasaimase!]. Her Japanese pronunciation is too clear and as same as japanese. I asked her “Oh? Are you Japanese?” She said “No Malaysian”

Perverted Cyborg  (15.9RM)

Today I had already eaten another food. so only drinking. If go here next time, It’s better eat Omurice?

 I recommend if you like anime??
Food: -/10 (Only drink at this time)
Cost Performance: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Summary: Relax. Maybe you can try to eat Omurice

Dream Mansion 夢の世界
No. 80 & 82, Lebuh Tye Sin,, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Tel : 010-969 9917

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