Kwetiaw Goreng @ Kwetiau Porsea

Famous Char kway teow. In indonesia, Is it called Kwetiaw? I don’t care such a thing. This restaurant also does not have signboard as same as Bihun Bebek Kumango Asie. But similar. Because almost customers are chinese?




Kwetiaw Goreng (Small 18000Rp). Compare to Malaysian Char kway teow, Color of noodle is thin. Taste is also thin. I like strong taste. Somehow less attractive for me. But I found souse on table. You can change taste how strong as you like? Simple taste. Not so oily. Maybe good for health better than malaysian oily Char kway teow?



In restaurant.


Oh, I saw womens who wearing yellow shirt on this morning. Park near Merdeka walk. Oh, Ic. Everyone work out and exercise at Park. and then came here for eat and chat. Good chinese life?


Kwetiau Porsea
Pasar Baru, Medan Kota, Medan City, North Sumatra 20212, Indonesia

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