Rare Beef + Brisket Pho, Creme Caramel @ Pho King

To say conclusion, I love this restaurant. Delicious and clean and elaborate dish. Why I came here, Vietnam I had been 1 weeks ago is nice memories. So I felt wanna eat Vietnamese food, I came here.  As a result, This restaurant became it I wanna go again and again. There are still remaining other menus I wanna try. Con is … many customer here so need to wait a bit?


Pho King.  The wife of owner seems to be Vietnamese.


100% Antibiotic Free Pork…100% Australian Beef…. very good.  In this era all over the world. To make money, a huge global company is using a lot of ingredients using industrial supplies ingredients, genetically modified foods, radioactive contaminated foods, and chemical seasonings, which will not make people’s food. I hate that kind of thing.?


Homemade….Speaking of Vietnam, I wonder why Caramel….?



Rare Beef + Brisket Pho 15.5Rm (Regular size)
DELICIOUS!! maybe more delicious than Vietnamese Pho?




It’s a waste, so I will take vegetables well. For health as well?


Creme Caramel 3.9Rm
This is also GOOOOD!



Space is also good feeling. I definitely want to come back again!??




Pho King
153, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7865 3290

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