Pork Adobo, Buko con Yelo, Leche Flan @ The Narra

I was surprised with how Filipino food delicious! There are few Filipino restaurant in Malaysia. Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurant are a lot though. I went to Chick Si Log, Halo Halo @ Laguna before. It was nice taste. But My Filipino friends always recommend here Narra. He said There is nice Filipino food in Millennium Square. Oh! Where is that? YES. Although I live near that shopping mall, I have never there for 3 years. As he say, Many Filipino friend often go there. It sound delicious ?


The Narra


Pork Adobo 15rm

It looks very simple cuisine. Just Pork and potatoes. This pork was actually so solid. People intend to have image that solid pork is difficult to eat. YES. I think so. But this pork is not like that.  More bite, more deep taste come to me. I was so impressed. Wonderful food.



Longsilog 15rm

This is also wonderful food.  You dip meat in sour sauce. You can feel many layer deep taste from this meat. I thought that Filipino food, especially meat is sooooo wonderful. ?




Beef Pares 16RM

Bangsilog 18RM


Bellychon 16RM


Lechon kawali 16RM



Sizzling Pork Sisig 17RM

Garlic Rice(Big) 2.5RM


Cassava Cake 3RM


Brazo de Mercedes(Small) 12RM



Ube Halayu (Small) 6RM


Buko Pie 7RM


Pancit Palabok 14RM


Puto cheese 4RM

It is also delicious and affordable?


Puto Flan 6rm

I prefer this food. Sweeter than above?

Leche Flan(Small) 6rm

Unlike common caramel pudding, it is a very hard type. But the taste is heavy. I ate such a pudding for the first time, but it is very wonderful. Delicious. I thought that I want to eat again.?


Buko con Yelo 6rm

Hmm. Regarding Filipino drink, It is too sweet for me?



Super recommend!!!


The Narra
G001 Dataran Millennium,, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7931 2493

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