Nasi Goreng Soution, Strawberry Parfait @ South Station Resto

The cafe that open at late night is this. To say summery before start article, I thought I can not give to this restaurant [recommend]. But I think there are not many care where open till late night in Palembang.  So this care is good for gathering somewhere and chatting with friend and drinking. But quality of food and staff attitude is not so good from my feeling?


Nasi Goreng Soution 29000Rp

2 sates are on Papadam. So so.


Strawberry Parfait 30000Rp

As I already drunk, so I did not order drink. But one of staff came to me and asked me you should order. Although I did not what this staff saying, Anyway I ordered parfait. But poor quality.?



That’s good you just chatting and drinking with your friend…?



South Station Resto
Jl. Diponegoro No.235, Talang Semut, Bukit Kecil, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30135, Indonesia
Phone: +62 895-2983-1286




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