Goose Rice @ Chen Chen BBQ Goose,Duck

This restaurant suppose to be closed afternoon around 5 or 6pm. My local friend recommended me. But Last time I came here had closed already? I have time to go at this time. So I came here. At the morning, Staff’s energetic voice was welcoming me. There was no customer except me. Some customers was having lunch at restaurant in front of this though. Hmm…Not so popular?? I felt some concern. But That feeling would be disappear for me?


Restaurant is not so large…

One of staff man asked me energetically “Goose or Duck. Which one?” Hmm. There seems not menu here. Only signboard. It was kind of difficult to find how much and what food should I choose.  According to staff, Goose and Duck Mixed was recommend. But that price is around 23RM. Hmmm. A bit overprice for alone lunch? So I ordered only Goose? I see. I realized. Since Goose was rare, Price is high. So might be hard to come for local ppl everyday?


Goose Rice 16RM


I was surprised. So thick meat. So high quality. This meat which is very thick and overflowing with meat juice in mouth was amazing. Regarding price 16RM of Rice and Meat, It was not cheap for local lunch. But high quality above price. I wanna everyone try at least one time?



A gentle morning time…..?


Chen Chen BBQ Goose,Duck
No. 24, Jalan Seladang, Wilayah Persekutuan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 012-233 3083

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