Lenga ya special Omelette rice lunch(レンガ屋特製オムライスランチ), Daisen cheese(大山チーズ) @ Restaurant Lenga ya レンガ屋

Popular restaurant for local people. It likely No.1 restaurant in my hometown.


Lenga ya special Omelette rice lunch(レンガ屋特製オムライスランチ) ¥1380

It’s great! Since see only price, as same as Singapore.  Salary of 50% Japanese is half of Singaporean though…?


Since looks delicious….

I ordered Daisen cheese(大山チーズ) ¥380

This cake is using local farm milk?

Nice atmosphere. I recommend!!


Restaurant Lenga ya レンガ屋
2 Chome-5-12 Kaike Shinden, Yonago, Tottori Prefecture 683-0002, Japan
Phone: +81 859-37-3721


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