Raw egg on rice(卵かけご飯), Cream puff(シュークリーム), Pudding(プリン) @ Tamago ya Kobo Kazamidori たまご屋工房 風見鶏

My hometown. This is the place that can eat raw egg directly. In case of Japan, Everyone can eat every raw egg. No need through the fire. But Another country can not eat raw egg. Because of bacteria? For Japanese, Raw egg on rice(Tamago kake gohan) is very common. That is the food that pour raw egg on rice? No dangerous. and then pour say sauce and mix. I like it so much?

This Tamago ya Kobo Kazamidori たまご屋工房 風見鶏 is the company that have a farm and producing eggs?


Raw egg on rice(卵かけご飯) ¥200

Not expensive and sooooooo delicious. Wonderful!! I wanna another country people to try Raw egg on rice(卵かけご飯)?

This is the special say sauce for Raw egg on rice(卵かけご飯). It is optimized for taste matching Raw egg on rice(卵かけご飯).


Cream puff(シュークリーム) ¥180


Pudding(プリン) ¥200

This is also Nice!!?


My hometown is rural area. Not high population place like a Osaka and Tokyo. I hope that everyone try it?



Tamago ya Kobo Kazamidori たまご屋工房 風見鶏
Japan, 〒689-3212 Tottori Prefecture, Saihaku District, Daisen, 名和696-1
Phone: +81 859-54-5055


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