Double Egg Sand (ダブルエッグサンド), Pork Sand (トンカツ), Fruit Sand(フルーツ) @ Sandria サンドイッチ工房サンドリア

Sandwich Sandria. This is the legend sandwich shop….I believe in my head? 365 days 24 hours opening. Waiting for everyone back everytime… not expensive, big portion, delicious, staff is kind…. You are not Sapporo citizen unless you come here…?

Double Egg Sand (ダブルエッグサンド) ¥220

This is No.1 sandwich. Ohhhhhhhh, superb!!!!?

Taking away ok?

Fruit Sand(フルーツ)

Pork Sand (トンカツ)

Wonderful shop????

Sandria サンドイッチ工房サンドリア
Japan, 〒064-0808 Hokkaido, 札幌市中央区南8条西9丁目758-14(東屯田通)
Phone: +81 11-512-5993

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