Mango Milk @ 高雄阿婆冰

My friend of friend recommended this Mango Ice crean shop. Mango Ice is the most favorite food in Taiwan for me. So I had some Mango dessert. In my word, this dessert shop is kind of old fashion taste. But Mango quality is the best. Why best? Because Mango in this restaurant feel like melt away in my mouth??


Season Price. Sound scary… Please make sure before you order? In my case, that was NT$80.


Mango Milk NT$85

Mango on shaved ice like that is retro style for me. But so delicious! ?

When I entered, It seemed not to be busy, it was a calm time….?


No. 150號, Qixian 3rd Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803
Phone: +886 7 551 3180

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