Special fried rice, Yogurt with honey, Fresh mixed fruie juice @ Today’s Cafe

This is the most recommend restaurant at Tuk Tuk area in Samosir. Nice food Selection, Good taste. It you stay in Samosir for long time, You must be boring. At that time. You should come here?



Special fried rice 30000Rp

So called Nasi Goreng. Pretty Good taste?

Yogurt with honey 17000Rp

Yummy Yummy. Nice of sweet.

Fresh mixed fruie juice 17000Rp



When I came Samosir, It has started rainy season. It was raining everyday. As I wanted to go out and see around, I asked staff of restaurant. When will stop raining? She said “I don’t know. We’ll never know”. That word was stuck in my head. I see. That is how to live in here for this island people. From People living in city, Intending to think about that “when stop raining? I have to go…” They are wanting make nature as my expectation. But island people is somehow differ with that. They respect nature….?



Today’s Cafe
Jalan Linkar 30, TukTuk Samosir Island, Kabupaten Samosir, Sumatera Utara 22395, Indonesia
Phone: +62 813-7521-4981

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