This is the worst experience in Kolkata restaurant for me. Especially bad attitude staff. Taste was just average.


Restaurant was kind of large.

Staff forced me to order most expensive food without any explain. Very insist. In my case, Already bited some food before I came here. Just ordered rice.


This weird was served without order. Snack or something. Clearly saying, tasteless.

Sticky Fried Rice Chicken 269Rp

I felt kind of MSG taste. Staff said We never used MSG. I don’t believe. But MSG was no problem. Because there is no restaurant no using.

After had dinner, Staff served me Tablet for questionnaire.  When I entered bad attitude thing honestly, Staff took tablet from me. and said no need to enter anymore. Is this India quality? Very low level and no polite too much. Yes. Some low restaurant everywhere. I know. But so terrible. There were not many customer at that night. Bad experience…



24, Park Street, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071, India
Phone: +91 33 3399 9610

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