Yangling Restaurant

This is the most favorite restaurant in Kathmandu for me. This restaurant make me realize how delicious Tibetan cuisine is. I came here many times during I stay at Kathmandu. What was the best food for me? It might be MOMO?




Chicken Thukpa 200Rp

This is chicken noodle. It was similar to Japanese ramen. Nice?

Pork Thenthuk 230Rp

Pork and Thick noodle. Handmade noodle?  It was also nice. oh? Maybe both Thukpa and Thenthuk are same soup? I realized now when updating blog?

Buff Steam Momo 150Rp

Authentic Tibetan food MOMO. This food saw a lot when I went to India and Bangaladesh. So called Chinese Dumplings. i chose Beef, But Nepal is Hindu religion. But there is no problem. Because this meat is not Beef. Just water buffalo? It seems no prob if eat water buffalo….?

You can try some sauce. Spicy sauce, Say sauce, Ketchup. Spicy sauce is the best for me


Curd(Yogurt) 100Rp

Yogurt is so so. If you want Yogurt in Nepal. you should go to Bhaktapur. You can eat soooo deep taste Yogurt?


This is the Best restaurant in Kathmandu!!!!!!!



Yangling Restaurant
Kaldhara Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Phone: +977 1-4257408

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