I experienced a share electric scooter beam!


I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I have seen people using electric scooters around Kuala Lumpur town. I’m not interested in electric scooters, but I am curious person want to experience cutting edge items. so I registered Shared Electronic Scooter Rentals app [ beam ] and tried using them. I will describe what I feel on this and expect this share scooter business of potential. But this is just personal opinion.



What is the Shared Electronic Scooter Rentals app [beam]?


Above is the official website of beam.


Most of the electric scooters that are actually placed in the city are set up in a certain number of units like this.



Using smartphone and unlock by communicating the smartphone with the electric scooter.


and then ride on like below.


e-scooter vehicle.



How to use beam and experience

Then, I tried it. Before using it, you need to download the application and register a credit / debit card. This app is available on Google Play.
Get it on Google Play


Since it is a simple app, I don’t think there is any trouble with operation. When you open the map, the location of the scooter is displayed on the map. Now in Malaysia, it’s available only in central Kuala Lumpur.

Explaining how to ride in beam App.


Let’s read the QR code of the scooter and use e-scooter.

The screen is now in use.

It seems to be still 75% electric scooter batteries.
So, Let’s ride!

Operating the accelerator lever with the thumb of the right hand and the brake lever with the thumb of the left hand. Therefore, there is no video while driving. Because one-handed operation is not possible. This time is just a trial, so I used it for about 5 minutes.

Basically, you can rent it at your favorite place and drop it off at your favorite place, too. But if you drop off at a place specified by this app developer, there seems to be 1RM cashback.

1RM cashback is informed by a short mail sent to the registered mobile number.




Since I checked my bank account later, only 4.2RM was paid from it. This is good system. Previously, when I used shared bicycle oBike, that was required deposit of amount almost 10 us dollers into the app in advance and then will be deducted the usage fee from it. When I cancelled oBike at that time, the deposit was refunded. So this beam no deposit system is easier to understand.

In summary, I think that this beam is nicer. Simple. Just registering a credit card / debit card and the usage fee will be withdrawn directly from there.





Driving the scooter was a lot of fun for me. When driving a normal motorbike, need to rotate wrist to accelerate. But in case of this electric scooter, just you only need to use your thumb lightly when speeding up. This bike run as fast as bicycle and using in sidewalk(normally. Some people ride on car road). so this thumb driving is match for this slow speed.

The tires are small and the center of gravity is at the bottom of e-scooter body. When you go down bumpy roads or pedestrian crossings, you should be a little careful. But once you get used to it, you will not be afraid.

Currently, it seems that only Kuala Lumpur city center is available now. A certain number of electric scooters are located in the center, but can not see beam user using this e-scooter often.
To be honest, I feel that it is not very convenient to use in the city and the price is high. The reason it doesn’t feel convenient is the poor malaysian sidewalk. You can see if you have experienced to walked around Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. The sidewalks are narrow and the roads are rattling, and there are not many flat roads where electric scooters are easy to use. So, there are many people who use electric scooters on the CAR road.

If you use beam e-scooter in the midnight, you can move smoothly, but I don’t think it would be convenient to use it during daytime.

Regarding price, it took 5RM for 5 minutes. Since the area you moving is in the center of Kuala Lumpur, you can get on a bus or train if you have 5RM. Many free buses are also oparating. So Local ppl and people know about this town more don’t use beam in here.

It is possible to use foreign tourists. But it is not a payment system like Grab that can be used in any country. You can imagine that everyone downloads this application and registers a credit card number after they has came malaysia? I don’t think so.

I think that it is interesting service and cutting edge. So I think that service will be popular if oparate in the more appropriate area with larger sidework in the suburbs. Maybe in a large area such as Desa Park in Kuala Lumpur.

However, If take into account fee, users who use e-scooter frequently should purchase the electric scooter by themself.



I saw some people who bought it by themselves and used with an electric scooter several times. so if the Xiaomi electric scooter that seems to be popular is the above price, it would be more affordable to buy it by yourself without beam app

See you.

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