Nasi Batak, Badak Juice @ RM Roma (Lapo)

More than 30 min spend for walking from downtown of Medan. I found restaurant I was going to. According to local ppl, Medan seems to be raining everyday around 17:00. raining for 1 hour and stop. I wonder reason why related to Sumatra climate???
RM Roma

It say 100% Batak.  I heard that Bataknese is majority. next to Jawanese and then Chinese. But Mix also many?
Nasi Batak 35000Rp. This have a potential to be liquor’s knob. It’s crispy and delicious. ?
You can choose souse you want to use. I felt Green spicy for me?

Badak Juice 10000Rp. Good taste. But I felt taste like a medicine a bit.?

RM Roma (Lapo)
Sei Putih Tengah, Medan Petisah, Medan City, North Sumatra 20111, Indonesia
Phone: +62 61 4148664




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