Pancake Durian, Jus Durian Durian @ Maidanii Pancake Durian

I love durian. I eat durian once a year though? There are seems famous pancake named durian pancake in Medan. I wanted to bite that and walking. But hot and tired. So I use Gojek. from Center point shopping mall (new biggest mall) to Maidanii. Gojek is like a Uber and Grab. for Indonesian version. That’s why when I text to driver and calling , most of case Bahasa Indonesian ? I think that Gojek will be big succeed all over the asia. Let’s get down to durian?

Maidanii. Durian color…?


Durian Pancake. Mini size 4pcs. 16000Rp.  Durian ice rather than Pancake…?


YumYum? I was concerning only one thing. It stick ice and paper. So sometimes paper also bite with ice



Jus Durian Durian 14000Rp.
I was suprised with this juice taste. Because So deep. This was not a dilution with water, it was a drink with a dark taste just like eating durian as it is. Freek like durian can’t help ignoring this juice?



In a cute store?


I recommend!!


Maidanii Pancake Durian
Jl. Prof. HM. Yamin Sh No.121, Sei Kera Hilir II, Medan Perjuangan, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20233, Indonesia
Phone: +62 812-6524-4769



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