Hainan Chicken Rice @ Hometown Hainan Coffee Shop, KLIA2

Whenever I go airport, I am thinking what food to eat…? At this time, I chose this restaurant. There are 2 same restaurant in KLIA2 same airport. I wonder why…? Anyway, although price is high, It seems to be delicious restaurant with cleanliness.



Hainan Chicken Rice 24.8RM
It is a rich tasting chicken rice. The taste of garlic is very strong. It is a satisfactory taste that the feeling of eating remains strong in myselves. But, is it a bit heavy? Because garlic is too strong. For morning food, heavy on the stomach. Night is good, This chicken rice is unforgettable taste. but I do not recommend it in the morning?




People waiting departure in a calm early morning . . . There are not too many?


Hometown Hainan Coffee Shop , Kuala Lumpur International Airport2

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