Nasi Uduk & Kari Ayam Soup @ Bumbu Desa

I think this must be nice information for you. Have you ever used Kuala Lumpur International Airport? No wonder that price of restaurant in KLIA is expensive. Everything are high price? Since I eat chicken rice in airport, It is not rare that price is over 25RM. Overprice. But below restaurant is affordable and nice taste. If you would be hungry a little, best recommend!

Bumbu Desa

This restaurant is located where there is KLIA airline receptionist




Nasi Uduk & Kari Ayam Soup 6.2rm    Not so big portion. But good taste!!



Nasi Kuning , Kari Sayur Ayam 6.2rm

I found convenient restaurant..?



Bumbu Desa
KLIA2 Arrival Lane, 43900 Klia, Selangor
Phone: 03-2035 5963

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