Kopi Hitam Saring @ Kopi Solong

Early morning in Banda Aceh. When people get up calmly, I called Grab bike. To get quiet time……I would like to spend quiet time before dawn with a cup of coffee.  Grab bike let me down at one coffee shop so that my wishes come true…This is the most popular coffee shop. Named is Solong….?




I wanted to spend time with a cup of coffee. High quality coffee makes me gentle?….?

Delicious! and I was suprised only one thing. Because to tell the truth, I don’t drink caffeine so much. Once I take caffeine, feeling bad for me. But I wonder why this coffee did not change my feeling.  Is there any special special bean or extraction method? No, it seems rather natural that it does not do anything special?


Some snacks.



Men gather and talk. . . I guess coffee shops in Indonesia are all men…..?


This is second day for trip on Banda Aceh…..?





Kopi Solong
Lamglumpang, Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 24411, Indonesia





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