Nasi Padang @ Restoran Bunda

This restaurant is most difficult to order for me? Because I asked May I see menu?  Waiter show me below?

I don’t understand how to order and what it is?  And I can’t speak Bahasa Indonesian. So I can’t communicate with waiter. Anyway, This is entrance picture.


When I ordered something (I forgot What I said?) , some dish were served in front of me.


So many…..I became uneasy. I am coming to eat alone, but I can not eat this much. Perhaps will you pay all??



Sate looks delicious. Anyway I take food as below.?


Quite good taste. I love here. But price is 85000Rp. Most expensive in Aceh for me ? Through this failure, I understood how to order here. In other words, you pick your favorite things from among the items first, and the amount of ingredients you take is added to the price. The important thing is that even if you take only a little of the ingredients from one dish, you need to pay for that per one dish. So, if there is something you want to eat on the plate, you have to transfer all the food on that dish to your plate and lose it if you do not eat it.?

But this food is delicious. I RECOMMEND!!






Restoran Bunda
Jl. Pantai Perak No.789, Kuta Alam, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23121, Indonesia
Phone: +62 651 31360

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