Mie Aceh Beef , Juice Alpokat @ Mie Razali

As I googled restaurant in Banda Aceh, This seems to be very famous restaurant. Noodle shop. In Banda Aceh, noodle dish sold in Banda Aceh is Mie Aceh. So I ordered Mie Aceh?


Mie Aceh Beef.  This is deep taste. Stick sauce. I remind me of Hokken mee(福建麺) in Kuala Lumpur. It is similar to Japanese Yakisoba. Not sensitive taste. It seems to overwhelming the detail taste with the taste of the sauce. Hmm. Delicious. but not my cup of coffee?


Juice Alpokat. It means Avocado juice. I was impressed this a lot. Because extremely rich. I do not feel anything else like thinning with water. Anyway it is rich. Feeling that I drinks Avocado as it is. Avocado suppose to be quite expensive, is not it? But this should have been around 30000Rp. If you can drink such a thick avocado at this price, if you live in Indonesia you will eat avocado and it will be healthy. By the way, when I went to Medan, there was avocado coffee. Is Indonesia the production center of avocado??



This is famous noodle shop. So I recommend noodle. But Avocado also RECOMMEND!! Indonesia is Avocado??





Mie Razali
Jl. Panglima Polem No. 83-85, Peunayong, Kuta Alam, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia
Phone: +62 651 7400174

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