Chicken Rice @ Tian Tian Chicken Rice

Might be most famous restaurant in Singapore. This is the first restaurant that won Michelin 1 star as a hawker restaurant. Here is near Chinatown. It takes about 10 min from MRT Chinatown to there. There is famous Nasi Lemak restaurant The Coconut Club near here. Both restaurant cuisine is not big portion. You can eat at the same time?


At 4pm, I thought It’s not busy time. But some customer had already been waiting….?




Chicken Rice (Medium size 5SGD)
Plastic spoon and fork are not cool.? And those are sometimes dangerous due to breaking when loaded. But It is good smell. The surface of the chicken is slippery. It smell soy sauce. I’ve eaten so many chicken rice. I was so interested in this chicken rice. At finally, Time had come!! But soup does not come with….?


This is…unique taste.  To enjoy the original taste, do not use chili sauce. I have never tried like that taste. But that is not meaning of delicious. This is the first time for chicken rice with such a strong soy sauce taste.  That”s Why it can not compare with chicken rice which I ate in the past.? To tell the truth, Speaking to delicious, I recommend Malaysian chicken rice. But I am glad to come here and eat it as a food hunter…☺



People are still lining up. I think that it is a tourist. I guess locals probably will not come all the way. Because I think there are other delicious chicken rice.?


Local people spend their time slowly …Maxwell Food Centre?





Tian Tian Chicken Rice
1 Kadayanallur St, #01 -10/11 Maxwell Food Center, Singapore 069184
Phone: +65 9691 4852

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