Nasi Lemak @ The Coconut Club

To tell the truth, I was glad to come this restaurant. Because I felt some disappointed Singapore food. The reason is simple. Bad taste and tasteless. I don’t want to say like that. But I felt like that many times. I expected Singapore food was good. So When I eat it, getting not feeling for Singapore food. I like traveling.  So I have tried many countries food. For the first time like that feeling? There is no point that I did not dislike Singapore?


But this restaurant was good!! Restaurant in Singapore that I recommend is only this?

Near Chinatown.



Nasi Lemak 12.8 SGD ( plus Service charge. Total 15.5 SGD)


This is high quality Nasi Lemak. Price almost 11 USD. Sound expensive. But Malaysia also can eat like that price. So Nasi Lemak is food whose price had wide range. In Malaysia, Can eat from 0.4 USD to 13 or 14 USD. This Nasi Lemak has many peanuts and Ikan bilis(Anchovy), and 2 Ayam(Chicken). But these 2 chickens is small. Egg , cucumber and Sambal? Good balance taste. I recommend!!




Good atmosphere. Don’t miss it lah☺



The Coconut Club
6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787
Phone: +65 6635 2999

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