Mapo doufu(麻婆豆腐飯) @ Uniquely ChengDu 成都名小吃

I have came here Geylang since I been 3 year ago. Lively and some fishy place. But There are some cheap restaurant here. My friend said this restaurant is very good and affordable. So I came here. As everyone know, Geylang is government official red light district. Many standing women and with the man who is managing woman. More than 20 erotic massage shop also there. But this is not crime. OFFICIAL. Needless to say, Singapore is artificial country. No wonder. Not big thing?

Anyway, Uniquely ChengDu 成都名小吃 here.



Mapo doufu(麻婆豆腐飯) around 5 SGD. I forgot exactly price. But not expensive?


Taste is…. hard to say. This is kind of difference with common Mapo doufu. Taste is not deep. Not spicy. and I did not feel chef was cooking seriously. No next time….


Although I heard that this restaurant is popular, No customer…?


Hmm. I do not recommend at this time. When I go next time, might change my mind….




Uniquely ChengDu(成都名小吃)
192A Geylang Rd, Singapore 389257
Phone: +65 6743 6756




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