Lo Mie @ Lo Mie Taksam

Lo  Mie restaurant. Basically I like Chinese food. So I wanted to try….nope. Must try local Chinese food? I found some massage and spa shop around here. Maybe kind of naughty area. But this restaurant is not naughty?


3 or some dogs in front of entrance. They were in a cage. They were so barking?


Lo Mie 40000Rp

What is something yellow on right side. I bited that a bit. I felt sour taste. Hmmm. Im a person wanna try normal taste. I did not use that. I had completed this food while avoiding something yellow?.  But Nice taste?

Deep taste. Pretty good.


I came here after lunch time. So no customer in my sight. But must be popular restaurant. I recommend lah?


Lo Mie Taksam
Jl. Letda Abdul Rozak No.23, Duku, Ilir Tim. II, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30114, Indonesia
Phone: +62 711 714103

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