Batagor Goreng, Siomay Goreng, Yamin Asin Manis baso, Bihun Baso Pangsit Kuah, Lemon Tea Ice @ Batagor Kingsley

If I would live in Bandung, I come this restaurant 10 times in a week….

Lie? Wahaha, I recommend this Lingsley. I heard about this restaurant from local friend. Owner of this restaurant is Chinese Indonesian. so customers also Chinese Indonesians a lot.  I don’t know what kind of food can eat. Because I don’t understand Bahasa except for Satu Satu Dua Dua Tiga Apa nama saya Kasih sama sama? So my friend ordered instead of me?


Kingslay. It takes about 10 min by walking from Jalan Braga?


It’s too dark photo. Maybe it is necessary to learn how to photo?

Bihun Baso Pangsit Kuah 35000Rp

I have been thinking that Malaysian food is the best in South East Asian. But The time has come for changing my idea. This restaurant noodle is as delicious as that. I realized that Indonesian noodle has possible to overtake Malaysian food. Yes. This noodle is so delicious!!?


Yamin Asin Manis Baso 32000Rp

This dry noodle also delicious. In my opinion, this noodle is better for me. Because I prefer strong taste. Dry noodle is concentrate taste than soup noodle? Baso is as same as bakso.


Batagor Goreng 2pcs 29000Rp, Siomay Goreng 2pcs 29000Rp

Peanut sauce is also nice. This restaurant can

Kngs Mangga 40000Rp

This price is somehow expensive. But it is good. Some square size mango on drink.


I think this was the best restaurant in this Bandung trip for me.


Batagor Kingsley
Jl. Veteran No.25, Kb. Pisang, Sumur Bandung, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40112, Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 4207104

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