Chocolate Raspberry, Pineapple Dragon @ Ambrogio Patisserie

I came here for trying to eat dessert. My friend recommended me this dessert.  Entrance looks nice. Place is opposite side of ground field where Indonesian athlete training skate and bouldering. Is bouldering popular among in this country??  When I see around ( called jalan jalan in here ), I found some bouldering wall. It’s OK. Let get down of food?


This place looks easy to come by car. Parking lots is large. and stylish.


It must be useful place for date. But I don’t have girl friend lah?


Chocolate Raspberry 35000Rp

I ordered this cake. But I was thinking which cake is the better? So I asked staff “Which cake is the most popular ?”  Staff pointed this Chocolate Raspberry?


That is the correct !!!   I was so surprised.  Because this is soooo one of delicious cake I have ever eaten.


Feeling raspberry sweet taste between Chocolate and Chocolate. No doubt this is perfect moment☺


Pineapple Dragon 28000Rp

This is normal fresh juice. But could felt this cafe get hung up on the details. No add water and deep taste. No doubt for good nutrition.

I recommend!!?



Ambrogio Patisserie
Jl. Banda No.26, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115, Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 20512779

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