Chocolate Croissant, Macademia Blue @ One Eighty Coffee and Music

Do you know Bandung Institute of Technology? This uni is well known to all over the world and most difficult enrolling in Indonesia. That’s Why It could say that students in this university are elite for Indonesian future.  I like traveling. Whenever I go traveling, in case of there are famous university, I go inside and hanging out. It is so when I went to Singapore. There are two famous university, Nanyang and NUS. I think seeing university makes me understanding about this city and country a bit…?

Ops. Why am I writing about university? Because stylish cafe is near Bandung Institute of Technology?


One Eighty Coffee and Music



One of staff is cleaning pool. I wonder if they change water to new? hmm. I don’t know. Although he can throw fallen leaves away, How is water quality??


Nice and cool menu?

Chocolate Croissant 25000Rp


Something is inserting ?


Answer was chocolate. It is syringe. You can adjust how you want chocolate. Unique ideas. But taste is so so?


Macademia Blue 32000Rp


I don’t know about how taste food due to i did not have time to have lunch. But nice atmosphere. I recommend!!




One Eighty Coffee and Music
Jl. Ganeca No.3, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia
Phone: +62 822-1800-0155

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