Purnima Restaurant

Location is near Grameen centre as familiar to Micro finance. It was written in only Bengali, It was hard to find.


Hmm. Low quality.  I live in Malaysia. In my opinion, Curry taste was almost same. What most difference from Malaysia is Ayam. Yes. Chicken is completely difference. I say clearly, Quality of Malaysian chicken is much more than here. Taste and Thick. No compare. I heard that Malaysian KFC chicken is world No.1. It no doubt. I admit since I have been to Bangladesh and india. Both country’s chicken can not win Malaysian Chicken.


Chicken Biriyani 130Tk


Although my opinion is not recommend, Local people seems like here. You can try and find another attractive?


Purnima Restaurant
Market, Shop No. 1, Mirpur 2, Bus Stand, National Bangla School, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Phone: +880 1917-269580

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