Sultan’s Dine

Looks so luxurious restaurant. Many wealthy family were there. I did not expected what a experience I did in here….. Do you know Burhani ?  That is Bangladeshi Spiced Yogurt Drink?



Hmm. Kind of small chicken. Although I had India and Bangladesh Chicken experience, Malaysia is the best country for Chicken. India and Bangladesh Chicken looks so poor. But taste is nice.

This is Burhani. Bangladesh Traditional drink. I think this smells and taste are good for health. But taste…… I said to staff “Oh? This is traditional drink in here! Nice. OKOK” But in my heart, not taste so much….? Staffs were so friendly and looks so intersted in foreigner like me. But this Burhani taste…….?

Plain Palao, Chicken Roast, Barhani set 250Tk

Burihani is not fit for me. But this is so nice restaurant!!



Sultan’s Dine
H.No.146/G(Old), 59(new), Green Akshay Plaza, 1st FloorSatmasjid Road, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Phone: +880 1903-598625

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