Canai Telur Kari Ayam, Timun Kerok Cincau @ Canai Mamak KL


This restaurant is inspired by Kuala Lumpur Mamak restaurant. I feel kind of strange. Because I live in Kuala Lumpur. And eat Mamak restaurant a lot ?  so I wanna see how different between KL Mamak and Aceh Mamak. Anyway, so many customers here. And lively place. I expect that this is delicious.?




I ordered Curry Roti Canai and juice.  Canai Telur Kari Ayam 15000Rp. Regarding Roti Canai, I impressed that this Roti Canai was cooked seriously. Polite and Dough is thick.


Chicken is also delicous!


Timun Kerok Cincau 15000Rp.  This Juice is quite unique. Onion and Nata de coco inside.



Hot water was served when I finished drinking juice. I was impressed. Why impressed? Because this Roti Canai is spicy a little. Hot water is fit for like that spicy food. It reduces spicyness of the tongue. Staff understand well I guess?




Canai Mamak Kuala lumpur….. ?    I RECOMMEND!!



Canai Mamak KL
Jalan Teuku Umar No. 51, Seutui, Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23116, Indonesia
Phone: +62 651 45471

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