Takoyaki @ Hana Japanese canteen

My local friend told me there is famous Japanese cafe in here. It’s called Hana Cafe. This is managed by Japanese woman who has married with local man. Oh, I didn’t know that there is cafe like that. And I don’t imagine Japanese live in here. So I come here by Grab bike.
The name of this cafe is Hana Japanese canteen. But local ppl call this “Hana Cafe”?




Takoyaki. Delicious. I remember this taste. But I didn’t realize there were Tako (octopus) inside. Because it’s small a bit?



I talked with owner for a while. About Indonesia, Banda aceh, Japan….



Some women staff working here. They serve cuisine to customer , sometimes chatting, sometimes takes fruit from tree…? I realized one thing. Almost customers are woman at here. According to owner, Cafe in aceh is gathered by man is difficult to enter for woman. That’s why women and girls come here. Oh, I see?



Hana Japanese canteen
Jl. S.Assumatrany No.1, Darussalam, Kopelma Darussalam, Syiah Kuala, Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Aceh 〒23111, Indonesia
Phone: +62 852-6135-6677

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