1977 Ipoh Steamed Chicken Rice @ Nan Yang Food Garden 南洋食苑

I came back KL from traveling. I was very hungry. I always take bus from airport to downtown. Because It is cheap. Airport train is overprice? Because I had time to go home. I decided to eat rice. I think It is difficult to find good restaurant in KLIA. Because almost restaurant in here are franchise. As I wanted to eat chicken rice, I choose this?




1977 Ipoh Steamed Chicken Rice 18.9RM. Unique dish? Although this food like a ipoh chicken rice with tauge (bean sprouts) , Dish like a Japanese. So unique fusion.?


Chicken looks delicious. Summary is good. Taste is as same as ipoh chicken rice. Not bad. It is kind of strong taste?




Nan Yang Food Garden 南洋食苑
KLIA2 Arrival Lane, 64000, Selangor




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