Chicken in Paper Bag (Boneless) @ Hillman Restaurant

It is kind of unwilling to enter restaurant like this. But that is not meaning of that this restaurant is bad. This restaurant is introduced by many Japanese article. So Many Japanese customers there. I am not willing to going to place where many Japanese there. Because I don’t like Japanese system and atmosphere? When I came here, more than 50% are Japanese customer. Signboard explaining in Japanese?

Hillman Restaurant?




Rice 1 SGD


Chicken in Paper Bag (Boneless) 5 pcs 11 SGD


At first, You take chicken from small plastic bag and eat. Can not eat plastic bag. Meat is very hot. Please be careful?


It is good to put meat on rice. This can close taste in Rice. Good taste does not stay away? I think that this is tasty. Good restaurant. I recommend. But Taste is normal. Easy to eat but no deep taste. Japanese people like that tastes. So Customers are many Japanese. But I think the local people like the different taste. I feel another taste deep taste, or a bit more spicy?


I heard about Singapore food before I came here. Nowadays, Singapore food is not nice. Because there are no farmland in Singapore. That’s why Singapore must import all the food from another county and preserve food for long time. They must use large amounts of preservatives. As the result of it, Singapore food is tasteless and strange taste and smell. And Some food does not go bad.  That word was right. Whenever I go, tasteless. Although I have ever been to all over the Asia, I have never felt like that. Whenever I found new food and taste. But could not find like that in Singapore? That is just my opinion? For now,  I recommend only 3 restaurants such as Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Hillman Restaurant and The Coconut Club.



Hillman Restaurant
135 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208518
Phone: +65 6221 5073

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