Martabak @ Martabak HAR

My friend brought me to here. Martabak. This restaurant seems popular among local ppl. Although Restaurant is not large, good atmosphere kind of nostalgic. I entered with my friend and order Martabak☺



Martabak 20000Rp
Looks like Roti Canai that selling at Mamak Indian style restaurant in Malaysia.  Yes. Pretty similar. But this Martabal is more thicker than Roti canai.  Using eggs more than malaysia style. That make this more swell. Sauce is Curry taste. Hmm. I think I expect this is so close to Roti Canai?

Taste is almost same as Roti canai. The difference is only thick or not? Price is 20000Rp/pcs. I always eat Roti canai in malaysia with 1.2RM (4200Rp). Hmmm, It is more affordable in Malaysia? And Malaysian Mamak restaurant open 24 hours?

Nice atmosphere….☺




Martabak HAR
E Trans Sumatera Hwy, 19 Ilir, Ilir Timur I, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30121, Indonesia
Phone: +62 711 355300



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