Tofu fah @ Bentong Tau Fu Sdn Bhd

Bentong is small town. I was hunging out at this town in the morning. Some woman who was wearing same red shirt was standing in front of Tofu shop. Yes. This town seems that many Chinese Malaysian living in here. So There are also many Karaoke bar here?




Looks Lively.


Tofu fah 1.5rm

Tofu far is Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. When you order this Tofu dessert, You can choose Original sugar sauce or Ginger sause.  I ordered Original. Yes. Tofu and Ginger is famous in this town.

Cheap and taste good. Tofu is good for health. Although shop is not large, You can be relax?




Bentong Tau Fu Sdn Bhd
28700 Bentong, Pahang
Phone: 012-988 5112

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