Wanton Mee @ Hooi ji Wantan mee (Hooi Kee Wan Ton Noodles)

This is the hawker centre in Bentong. A lot of customers sit and have breakfast from early morning. I found one Wantan mee shop inside. Because customer who is sitting in this hawker center eating Wantan Mee. Hmm. Most of local ppl choose Wantan Mee, I can’t help ignoring Wantan mee….So I ordered Wantan mee at Hooi ji Wantan mee. Please take a look at first photo on this page. It says Hooi ji Wantan mee. But when I checked Google map, It says Hooi Kee Wan Ton Noodles. I wonder why difference name is. So I use both name.




Wanton Mee (Dry) 5RM

Regarding taste, In my opinion. Wantan mee in Kuala Lumpur is better. When I bite, I felt some burning taste. Kind of strange taste. But It is overall delicious. I think in case of big city, each restaurant compete each other. So taste and another is going to be fine. But in case of small town, there is less possibility to compete to other?


I was suprised. Because dish of shape and size is almost cup of for Cendol. So small size dish. But noodle quantity is normal.?


Lively place☺



Hooi Kee Wan Ton Noodles
No. 57, Jalan Chui Yin, Off Kedai Kopi Yuen Kee, Paang, 28700 Bentong
Phone: 012-946 8406

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