Cake and Daihatsu Midget tuk-tuk specialty. Trang sightseeing

I stopped by a small town called Trang in southern Thailand. It stayed just for 5 hours. This town is near sea and there are many remote islands. It is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful sea, but it is a place where the name is low and there are not many tourists. It is a countryside so called. Even foreigners living in Thailand may not be interesting a lot. The famous Trang cake and the tuk-tuk of Daihatsu Midget are famous. And southern part of Thailand is closer to Malaysia. The closer you get to Malaysia, the more Chinese proportion, culture and Chinese restaurants will increase. Even though the countries where you live are separated by borders, the history of people’s movements is expanding.

Now, let’s talk about trang.



What is Trang?

A province in southern Thailand facing the Andaman Sea. A dugong can be seen on the coast near Trang. If you travel around the suburb of Trang by bus, you will notice that there are many rubber trees. A state of industry where rubber production is large. Just about halfway between Hat Yai and Krabi. About 2 hours by bus from both cities. Therefore, This town is hub of transportation and the number of buses is large.


Trang Bus terminal

I arrived from Nakhon Si Thammarat in less than two hours. Moving from countryside to countryside in southern Thailand. Just looking at the photos gives a sense of relaxation. By the way, when you come to this area, you will rarely encounter Thailander who can speak English.

Is it better to call a minivan terminal? Because there are few buses.

Then, take a motorbike taxi and head to Trang station. There are many things to see around Trang Station.



Trang Railway Station

It is small station.

The illustration with the hands together looks nice.


Daihatsu Midget (tuk tuk)

It may be nostalgic for the elderly. Daihatsu Midget (Tuk Tuk). Auto three-wheeled Midget produced by Daihatsu were exported to foreign countries in large quantities in the early 1970s before Daihatsu replacing four-wheeled vehicles. Most of them exported to Thailand were operated as thailand taxi called “tuk-tuk”. It is said that Midget are still being used today. There is a Japanese article that Midget is called Hoa Gop (frog head tuk-tuk) locally.


Interesting shape, but fuel efficiency seems bad.


Trang cake

This is the Trang local specialty. Trang Cake.

It’s a big box pound cake, but it costs about 1.5 US$. Quite cheap. It feels very reasonable.

I bought orange flavor at this time. I asked staff which taste was the popular, but Staff couldn’t understand English.

I opened cake box at the hotel later. Hmm. It looks cheap. No choice ya. Price was also affordable.

But kind of big portion.




Trang Underwater Wedding

Trang seems to have an underwater wedding in the nearby sea on Valentine’s Day. You can apply here. Looks so interesting. I asked this place and got application form. This building is Trang Chamber of Commerce. The underwater wedding seems to be managed by a public agency in Trang.

List of documents

You can apply here,  if you are interested.


Trang Church

Shape of a this church is eye-catching in Trang town. You can see new church and the old-fashioned one.

When came to the southern of Thailand, I feel like more churches. Probably Chinese people and Christians increased. I feel closer to Malaysia.




Trang city – Street Art

Walking around the city. Trang is actually a small town. But I feel many people living and lively. Because of the narrow road a lot.

There is Hakka Association. AS I expected, the closer you get to Malaysia on the south side, the more Chinese culture you feel. Even in the same Thai country. the southern side of Thailand doesn’t feel much like Thailand. There are many Muslim people in the southern part of Thailand aiming to rebuild the Pattani Kingdom. But around this Trang, Chinese colors have stronger.

Street Art there.

I think this is public street art. Street art is so effective for creating attractive places without big money.



Clock tower

When I walked a little, I saw a clock tower.

That’s pretty good.



Dugong Monument

When I walked a little from the clock tower, I saw a dugong monument.

Big and funny shape monument.



It was a small town. I had one restaurant where wanted to go Chinese-style restaurant with small basket Xiaolongbao, but It was kind of unlucky. When I visit there, the restaurant was closed.  So I couldn’t eat it. In the case of Trang travelling, tourist go to remote island normally. It is rare case to see around town like me. This trip is stop by four southern provinces of Thailand. From Surat Thani to Hat Yai. I could feel the spread of ethnic distribution.

See you.

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