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I traveled around South India for 16 days in February 2020. While I was traveling in India, I found some apps that you should install on your smartphone before traveling. Let’s introduce five apps. By the way, it should be noted that Indian app always use OTP system. OTP means the phone number of the smartphone is necessary when user registering. Enter your phone number during registration and you will receive a password to your phone number. If you do not enter that password, you cannot register. Normally, when registering app, user enter only email address. But in case of India, always use phone number. But if your travel is just short period, It may better to register and log in using your home phone number in your home country. If longer, buy a SIM card in India, get an India number, and then register with the app in india. Indian apps are kind of tired to register and complicated.



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App list for traveling in india




Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs


A ridesharing app developed by a company in India. Basically, I think it’s better to use a domestically-designed ridesharing app developed in that country. Because of the following reasons.

  • Domestic ridesharing apps have a higher share, so local drivers has been registered more than international ridesharing app. That’s why it easier to find drivers when you using this app
  • Developed in domestic, the higher match rate when searching for a place name on the map
  • The price is low (Maybe this is just only my idea. Domestic products are cheaper than overseas products…)

■Startup screen


■Screen showing the departure point, destination and the amount


■Confirming the order and waiting for the driver

Since I used Ola few times, Ola price is basically expensive. Because 4 wheels Car will pick you up after ordering in Ola. However, local India people and travelers use rickshaws. Rickshaw is cheaper than a car at the same distance. So you should negotiate a rickshaw with a lower price than Ola app. I used Ola to check the normal price(It means local rickshaw price) for that distance. It is a good idea to check the price the way from your departure point to destination you want to go in advance, and remember that amount. and then you negotiate rickshaw. That is very important skill for travelling in India.





IndiGo | Flight Booking App

IndiGo | Flight Booking App


This my trip to India like below.

Kochi → Chennai → Pondicherry → Bangalore → Mysore → Goa → Mumbai → Pune → Aurangabad

I moved many places. So I tried to use IndiGo twice. I realized that the era had changed a lot. Back in the day, backpackers used to travel around the india using long hours bus. More than 10 hours crazy bus. sometime over 20 hours bus. With cheap price less than 10 USD. That culture is still even now. but using a low-cost airline like IndiGo makes traveling fast and easy. and CHEAP. with no tired and no need to bully your body. I guess you can move anywhere with less than 50 USD. It depends on the situation and your travel plans that city-airport transportation and distances. Every backpacker has been annoyed by india bus a lot. No punctual, no clean, kind a rude attitude by india staff. Era has changed and you can run away from cheap bus now. Ya. Era has changed since LCC become more common

■App screen

There are other low-cost airlines in India other than IndiGo, but since IndiGo has the No. 1 domestic market share (50%), there are many flights. IndiGo is the most recommended.


The airplane photos are as follows. IndiGo was no boarding bridge. Because LCC.

As a personal feeling, IndiGo service is no problem overall, but the sheet is extremely thin. I saw this thin sheet like this for the first time. Perhaps the seat is wider because the seat is thinner. Most of case, It would take within 2 hours for domestic travel, so I think there is no problem with this thin seat.

Since I used IndiGo twice, I reserved a normal class and premium seat(with hood), but I felt that it was not difference so much. Quality is almost same. The flight time is short and the in-flight meal seems not to be high quality, so I think it would be better to choose a normal class. In addition, the flight time is basically about one hour, so you should be eaten your meals in a hurry. So, many people were eating in-flight meals while descending. and CA also didn’t care about this. Kinda funny. If it is a normal airplane. I think it would be impossible to eat meals while descending, but IndiGo’s flight time is short, it would be unavoidable for passengers to eat while descending.

Anyway, I think it’s better to install IndiGo app in advance.




Gaana Music - Songs & Radio

Gaana Music – Songs & Radio


This is the Indian version of Spotify. Spotify is also good. but there are many Indian music on app. If you stay in India, listen to Indian music rather than Western music.




OYO: ホテルの検索・予約

OYO: ホテルの検索・予約


This is an Indian version of a hotel search app. It’s already famous. so many people has already knew it. Agoda also a good choice, but if you are traveling in India, you may face trouble that need to stay hotel around bus station suddenly or something. Everybody don’t know what will happen to you in especially India. It’s a good idea to install it in advance. I recommend “Near me” function, it is convenient because you can find hotels near the current location easily.





Zomato - Food & Restaurants

Zomato – Food & Restaurants


I have never used it, but it is an app that can find good restaurants and food delivery. It may be delivered at hotels. This app is available outside of India, too.




I was writing while hope your travel be more convenience. If you have a plan to travel in India now, Please check it here and install for traveling. But you should check your visa or Indian embassy website. Because currently is in March 2020, movement around the world is kinda restricted by the coronavirus….

See you.

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