Local city in southern Thailand Surat Thani sightseeing

I went to Surat Thani in southern Thailand. There are many remote islands with beautiful beaches around Surat Thani. I actually was going to go to Koh Samui, but since the sea was expected to be rough in the rainy season, I only took a walk around the city at this time. In my opinion, You will be able to fully enjoy this surat thani town in a day



Travel by bus from Surat Thani Airport to the city

Kuala Lumpur – Surat Thani AirAsia flights are in service. So I tried. Price is affordable. People on airplanes seemed to be many Westerners going to remote islands.

Middle size airport

Many people go to remote islands directly from the airport. Without going to Surat Thani city, so there are many bus and ferry companies in the airport.

I move to Surat Thani city by public transport bus. 100 baht from the airport to the city. There is no fixed time, and the bus leaves when the bus is full.

The seat feels good.

I thought that there were many people who would go directly to the island from the airport. But surprisingly, They stopped by city and then boarded to islands.

Surat Thani city.


I found a temple gate. When I entered, there was a lively market.


Thailand flag color decoration.


There are so many chickens looks delicious.

There is Hainan association. It means that there were many merchants from Hainan Island.

For the time being, walk around the city is over and head to the hotel I had booked for today. I guess this is the best hotel in Surat Thani. Why I chose it because the evaluation was high in Agoda, Furthermore there was no problem with good location, good price, good quality, good staff.



My Place @ Surat Thani


I walked around the city for about 15 minutes and found the largest shopping mall in Surat Thani.


Sahathai Garden Plaza

I guess it wasn’t that big. It wasn’t a new and clean modern style like the Central Festivals in various cities in Thailand.

I headed to the white temple, which is probably the most famous tourist destination in Surat Thani city in the center of the city.


City Pillar Shrine

An eye-catching temple that is different from the city scenery. Not too big, but beautiful

Inside the building, everybody stuck gold leaf on the Buddha statue


Then cross the bridge to Lamphu Island. Although it is a normal park, many people enjoy it because it is large. It is a place for citizens to relax. Surat Thani town can be seen some good place to see within walking distance.




Ko Lamphu


Some people were running. But still hot and the temperature was high.

Needless to say, the park is safe. But there were many stray dogs. Is it a little dangerous at night?

At night time, the market place I stopped by during the day time transfomed to night market.


Night Market

It is lively day and night, Temple grounds turn into a food court at night time, so more people gather. The vibrancy of local cities in Asia. Exciting.


Lucky Restaurant

Popular restaurant in the city center. I did not have much time and ate only fried rice, but there were many customers. In Surat Thani, the first restaurant to stop by is here.



Alte Bogenbrücke

It seems to mean arch bridge in German. Although not as crowded as the night markets, there are many street vendors. Maybe you can find bargain goods you have never seen.


Surat Thani youth and foreign tourists are gathering and drinking.

Along the river, adults dance in the open space for health.


Bridge with Thai flag color.


I personally saw it for the first time. Toilet bath. It is a mobile toilet.

The inside is not clean, but an interesting idea.

Street food stalls.

After a day at Surat Thani, I fall asleep. After 10 o’clock in the city of Surat Thani, the night market is over and the number of people is decreasing. Basically the security is good, but there are no people outside the center. In my opinion, I found some no safe place in city center. You should be careful when you walk on dark road without light.

The next morning, take the bus to Nakhon Si Thammarat. At the bus terminal, there were buses and minivans. The bus is said to be 130 baht and the minivan can be negotiated, but the minivan is said to be 330 baht. The departure time of the bus is fast, and the required time is about 2 hours. The bus wasn’t a bad ride. Sheet quality is good.

There was no need to think. Let’s go by bus.

Thus, I left the city of Surat Thani for the next Nakhon Si Thammarat.



Basically, Surat Thani is just small town for many travelers leaving to remote islands. You can stay in Surat Thani for a few days, If you like it. You can know about city more, but if you want to see the city, one day is enough.

When traveling, I sometimes think of it.

No matter where you go or where you travel, there are people who live and live there. A traveler like me may be just a stranger looking at those people’s lives.

See you.

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