Don’t miss it! 5 million bats fly out like a dragon. Battambang sightseeing

Siem Reap is a world-famous tourist destination, but there is a city called Battambang about 3 hours from there. You know? It is the second largest city in Cambodia, but Everyone probably do not know this name. Actually, there are several sightseeing spots here. One of them is so amazing place. Personally, I thought it would be better than Angkor Wat. I’ve so focus on it. It takes about 5 hours by bus from Phnom Penh, but it was a very recommended place.


The bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang

The location of Battambang is as follows.

I left by bus from Phnom Penh early in the morning. I think the departure place is different for each bus company, but this time I left near the night market.


It is a VIP class van, the inside of the car is quite nice.

The bus departed at 8:00 in the morning, but actually left about 30 minutes late. It will be a long journey, so stop once in front of a bakery in the city and buy bread for your stomach.

Cambodia is a former French colony, there are many French breads. This is the same for Vietnam.

Travel over these roads over 5 hours.

Oh it kinda crazy Bus….So many things

Lunch break for 1 hour on the way, I arrived Battambang city before 15:00. Since I left was 8:30 am. so it took about 6 hours


Battambang city

So amazing monuments there. That face has big impact.  It seems to be related to legends such as the grandfather lost the stick.

Walking at city a bit.

I found a beetle walking. I remember when I was a child.

Market. It was very lively.

In fact, Battambang only stays for one day, so I immediately go to the two tourist spots we wanted to visit. Battambang had no Grab unlike Phnom Penh. However, Battambang can use PassApp. So I moved with PassAPP in Battambang. If you will travel in Cambodia, I recommend you use this PassAPP.


Bamboo Train Battambang

A transportable vehicle made of bamboo using an abandoned line. It seems that it was actually used for locall people in the past.


Cushions. You no need to worry to die ya…

It would have been nice to ride it if I had time, but I think Price was kinda expensive. By the way, it’s easy to come this Bamboo Train Battambang with a PassApp. But It is probably hard to find tuk-tuk driver for backing city. So it may be better to ask the driver for a round trip.

Place is here.

If you can’t find a tuk-tuk driver on your way back, if you ask a Bamboo Train staff for a motorbike taxi, you’ll be sent to the city center, but depending on the situation, it could be high price.

Then, I head to the Bat Cave. This is highlight of Battambang. It is a little far away. There may have been a bus, but I didn’t have time. so I took Tuk Tuk.


Phnom Sampo Bat Cave

There is a large rock formation on the outskirts of Battambang town. There is a gate at the entrance, and behind it is a large temple.

This is where many innocent people were slaughtered during the Pol Pot period. As you can see, there are many killing fields in each part of Cambodia, where the people of each area suddenly disappeared.

You can go to the caves where the massacre was slain, but you will not be able to climb after the evening. They seem to be open only during bright hours. You can also climb the mountain a bit and see the scenery. This view is also wonderful, so please take a look. Many tourists are climbing. I think it’s good to climb for about 5 minutes, because it only looks at the scenery. However, don’t bring food because there are monkeys.

At the top of the mountain was a statue of Nirvana. Now, go down the mountain and see the bat cave for this purpose.

Large number of chairs are already prepared for tourists. Tourists sit here and locals sell beer and drinks.

From this cave, it seems that 5 million bats fly off all at once.

The audience gradually increased. Perhaps time is a bit of a sunset, people are excited and lots of bats have come out of the cave holes.

Please take a look at this video. I was crazy into it.


It was a wonderful experience.  The bat appears to fly for 2 or 3 hours, but becomes invisible when dark.


By the way, it is note here. It is a little difficult to return to Battambang city from Bat cave. The reason is that there are many tourists and locals in here. and there are many tuk-tuk drivers also here. When you returning to the city from here, the drivers must come together. If not, you can not back to city. Because here is very far place from city and so outskirt. So Taxi or tuk-tuk driver offer an outrageous fee to tourist.

But This is very common in Southeast Asia.

There are no public transport buses. So you cannot return to Battambang city unless you comply with their demands. It costs several times the fare when you have come bat cave from city. In my case, I tried to use the PassAPP like a UBER. I found a driver, but when I went to that driver, They said that ‘PassAPP is prohibited when returning to Battambang city from here. You should use our taxi’. I forgot the amount price they demanded, but it was a ridiculous amount. (Maybe $10)

It’s ridiculous, but no matter how many times you use PassAPP, no PassApp driver accepted because the whole driver has an agreement.

I couldn’t help it, so I decided to stand near the entrance and get on a tuk-tuk with foreign tourists. A tuk-tuk with one German riding came and I said, “Please take me to back to city?”, So driver offered me $5. It was getting dark. so I was saved.

I don’t like going out in the suburbs so much. Because it is always troublesome to go home.


It was a wonderful experience. I think tourists going to Siem Reap should go to Battambang as well as Angkor Wat. I managed to return to Battambang city, but then just have dinner. I had already decided where to have dinner. It is a restaurant that a Japanese woman started to help Cambodian children.


Cafe HOC

Many people in Cambodia are engaged in personal activities to give these children the opportunity to become independent. There seem to be many Japanese.

Stylish restaurant.

Japanese food seems to be the main menu.

I never thought that I could eat Japanese food in such a remote area of Cambodia.

The rolled egg was very delicious.


Walk a little in Battambang city at night. The stalls close over 10 o’clock.

Stylish building. I wonder why this building remind me of Hanoi…

Families gather along the river. This is the favorite scene for me.

I moved by bus early in the morning and was busy sightseeing, but I was finally able to take a break. I had a wonderful experience. I am glad to come here Battambang.



I will return to Phnom Penh on next day as same as yesterday using bus. For the return bus, use the VIP bus of Capitol, a company familiar in Cambodia. According to a local people, this VIP bus at Capitol is not big and clean. But the time required to back to Phnom Penh is about 4 hours. Too short.

“Seriously? Does this bus get so fast?” I thought.

But that was a fact. Buses fron Phnom Penh to Battambang took 6 hours. But Capitol VIP buses to Phnom Penh took only just 4 hours. (A Fact,  some local people also don’t choose this vip sometimes. Because so fast so dangerous)

Battambang. Why did I come to a place I never heard of name? But contrary to expectations, it was a so wonderful experience. I know that there is only one place in Malaysia where you can see the million of bat fly out. But I don’t think so much even when you search around the world. By all means, if you have a chance to see it, it is a good idea to visit.

See you.

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